Weather Tourism



weather tourism

Weather Tourism is the tourism which is related to the weather of tourist destination, generally people look around the weather of the place before planning to the tour of there so, that there tour will more enjoyable and weather do not create any obstacle in leisure. Weather can also make your tour much better so, this is an important thing to be planned before the tour. Some people like rainy days while some like bright sunny days, cold waves are good for someone and for someone summer season is good and on this basis Weather Tourism have its own value. The World Tourism Organization, in meetings addressing weather, climate, and tourism, noted that weather and climate are perhaps the most important influence on the choice of leisure travel destinations. Wind, humidity, temperature, drought, storm conditions, snow conditions, water temperature, and degree of sunshine are a few of the factors that affect the visitors’ decisions, satisfaction, and spending—that important economic “bottom line” for tourism businesses and tourism destinations.

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