Tourism in Taiz



Taiz is a city in southwestern Yemen. It is located in the Yemeni Highlands, near the port city of Mocha on the Red Sea. Taiz is considered to be the cultural capital of Yemen. The city is famous for its many ancient quarters. These traditional homes are made of brown bricks. It is also known for its white mosques.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Yemen for ideal weather are November to March based on average temperature and humidity.

Top places to Visit in Taiz

1. Al-Qahira Castle

It is very outstanding historical landmark in Taiz, sets on the northern slopes of Saber mountain. The castle was erected in the reign of Ottomans who had taken control over Yemen from15th century A.D. to 1918.

2. AL- Janad Mosque

It is located in Al-Janad Plain some 20km north of the Taiz city. Souq Al- Janad was one of the Arab Seasonal Markets before Islam. The Mosque dates back to the first century of Islam. It was built by the Revered companion of the Prophet, Mu’adh Bin Jabal in the 8th year A.H. (630 A.D). Al-Janad Mosque and the greater Mosque in Sana’a are the oldest Mosques, in the Islamic era along with the Mosque of Prophet Mohamed in Holy Medina .

3. Jebel Saber

Among the highest mountains in Yemen with an altitude of 3070 meters Many springs and streams run on its sides and the lights of its cliff-hung villages are mistaken for stars. An exciting road leads from Taiz to the top of the mountain.

Weekly Souqs

Many weekly Souqs (market) are held throughout the governorate. The most famous one is Souq Al-Bearain that held on Wednesday in Al-Bearain region , around 35km southern Taiz city. Souq Al Dhabab is another commercial venue held on the Sundays in the Wadi Al Dhabab, nearly 5km western the city of Taiz.


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