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Puerto Varas is a city in southern Chile’s Lake District. It is known as the City of Roses and Volcanoes for its beautiful squares full of roses, beautiful mountain style architecture with a privileged natural environment and natural landscapes and volcanoes like Osorno Volcano, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Cerro Tronador. Puerto Varas has a Typical Zone, where you can appreciate the German influence of architectural heritage available to the city. Also in its beautiful streets you can enjoy delicious traditional European style cuisine.

Best Time to Visit

The months of January and February and the months of November and December are the best time to visit Puerto Varas.

Top Places to Visit in Puerto Varas

1. Plaza de Armas

It is located near the waterfront and has a beautiful gazebo surrounded by roses, where cultural events are held throughout the year, such as musical meetings, craft fairs, Book Fairs and Dia del Kuchen (Kuchen Day) among others.

2. Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park

It is located 50 kilometers from the city of Puerto Varas and it is famous for being the first national park in Chile. Inside this national park the beautiful Lake Todos Los Santos, the Osorno Volcano and the Saltos del Petrohué (Petrohué Falls) are found; as well as Cerro Tronador (Tronador Hill), that is located on the border with Argentina. It has many trails to explore and observe the native flora of its environment with the presence of cinnamon forests, myrtles and coigües among others. Among the most famous are those of Los Enamorados, el Rincon de Osorno and Desolación y el Velo de la Novia. Among the activities that can be performed is rafting, kayaking, sport fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking and mountaineering.

3. Todos Los Santos Lake

This lake is characterized by its beautiful turquoise waters, caused by the melting of glaciers, where the mountain range and the exuberant surrounding flora are reflected. Here is a dock where boat tours are done of their surroundings or catamarans sail to Peulla, on the road that connects Chile with Argentina.

4. Petrohué Falls

They are waterfalls formed by the waters of the Petrohue River on their way to the Todos los Santos Lake. The waterfalls were formed by the presence of volcanic rocks of an ancient eruption of the Osorno volcano. They have viewpoints where you can observe a beautiful panoramic views of the falls and the landscape, such as the Puntiagudo Volcano.

5. Llanquihue Lake

It is the second largest lake in Chile with an area of 860 square kilometers and depths greater than 350 meters. On its banks are Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Ensenada and Llanquihue. It allows you to practice navigation, sport fishing, kayaking, swimming and all kinds of recreational activities. Frutillar- This beautiful city is one of the most beautiful in the south of Chile. It faces Lake Llanquihue and the Osorno Volcano and is surrounded by exuberant green forests. Puerto Octay – In this town we can see the beautiful German architecture of its houses, which now operate as lodging and entertaining peaceful streets.


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