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A neighborhood located in the southern zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Copacabana is famous in the world because of its beaches. There are a number of things to do in Copacabana for you to try and getting bored is simply not an alternative.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Copacabana is between December and March, when the weather is warm and sunny enough to hit the beaches. Arrive in February to experience Carnival.

Top Places to Visit and Activities in Copacabana

1. Beaches in Copacabana

Beaches are an intricate part of life in Brazil and Copacabana is no different. The beaches near Copacabana are some of the most renowned ones among those of in Rio. And they are some of the most famous of all Brazil Tourist Attractions. Copacabana’s most obvious attraction is assuredly the beach, where everyone can enjoy some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Whether visitors are looking for leisure – under a sun umbrella and indulging in a fresh caipirinha – or sport, in the form of beach volleyball, the sands here are the best place to be. A get a number of different options are there for those who love water. Other than swimming, surfing is a popular choice that attracts the tourists. Surfboards are available on rent. In case you do not have the desired skills, all you need to do is hire an expert and he will teach you the tricks related to the same.

2. Morro do Leme

The Morro do Leme is a great place to catch some scenic views of Copacabana. Morro, meaning “small mountain”, borders Copacabana Beach at the Leme neighborhood end. There is a well-traveled path for hikers at the hill’s base, and an old military fort named Forte do Vigia at the top.

3. Bossa Nova e Companhia

Bossa nova is one of the national treasures of Brazil, originating in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone in the 1960’s to express the nation’s traditional musical style, samba. Bossa Nova e Companhia is a store totally committed to preserving the legacy of bossa nova in Rio de Janeiro, with an assortment of CDs, LPs, musical instruments and books about the music and its most famous performers. This store is a worthwhile stop for all music lovers, especially those wanting to take home a piece of bossa nova legacy from Copacabana.

4. Forte de Copacabana

On the southern tip of Copacabana’s share of coastline is the Forte de Copacabana, a great place to learn some Brazilian history and to enjoy breakfast whilst sitting outside. As the site of both the Historical Museum of the Army and Copacabana Fort and Café 18 do Forte, the fort is a great place to start a day’s activities in the neighborhood.

5. Bip Bip

Many people say Bip Bip is a bar from a different time. As little more than a hole-in-the-wall on a side street in Copacabana, old-timers and locals, as well as some in-the-know tourists, flock to hear the traditional samba de roda and choro music performed live here almost every night.

6. Arpoador

The Arpoador is one of the greatest places to surf and fish in Copacabana, but also a great place to view the sea and the coastline of Copacabana. Meaning “harpoon thrower” in Portuguese, this rock outcrop creates decent waves for surfers year-round. For those looking to stay dry, the sunset here is amazing, but try to get here on a weekday night, as many people visit on the weekend.

7. Adega Perola

Adega Perola is the boteco every traveler to Copacabana wishes to find. With some of the best seafood tapas in the city, this restaurant boasts the best of Rio food culture. The space is small, the beer is cold and the food is fresh. Don’t be afraid to try the octopus – it’s one of the best dishes on the menu.

New Year at the Copacabana Beach

On New Year’s eve, thousands of people flock to the beach to see the annual fireworks show, a spectacular display over the water. Although there are other gathering places throughout the city, the biggest and best fireworks display is always at Copacabana.


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