Tourism in Antananarivo



Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. The Madagascan capital is one of the most lively in all of Africa, and visitors are treated with rich historical, architectural and cultural sites all over the hillside city.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Madagascar then best time to visit is between the months of April through to mid-December.

Top Places to Visit in Antananarivo

1. Manjakamiadana Palace

Manjakamiadana Palace is the city’s crowning glory. From its perch on top of Antananarivo hill, the palace provides some of the best panoramic views of the capital and is definitely worth the hike. The complex once housed Madagascar’s ruling families, but the interior was largely destroyed by a fire in 1995, shortly after becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site. Reconstruction is underway, but in the meantime, visitors can still view the exteriors of the stone buildings.

2. The House of Jean Laborde

Built in 1862, the building is a stunning example of French colonial architecture and today houses the radio studios of the Alliance Francaise.

3. Prime Minister’s Palace

Built in 1872, the palace has since served as a court, military housing, the Academy of the Arts and the offices of both the president and prime minister. Today, it showcases a handful of artifacts that were rescued from the fire that destroyed the Manjakamiadana Palace.

4. Temple of Ampahamarinana

A memorial to the Christian martyrs killed there in 1849, the mid-19th century Temple of Ambohipotsy and the Ambohimanga Anglican Church.

5. Tsimbazaza Park

Located on the hilly southwest corner of the city, the park is home to some of the country’s greatest cultural and natural treasures. The Museum of Paleontology has an extraordinary collection of Malagasy butterflies, dinosaur fossils and skeletons that date back to the quaternary period, and the Museum of Ethnology introduces visitors to local life and history through everyday objects like traditional amulets, stone mortars, protective spell beads, tools and other artifacts. The park also contains an arboretum and a zoo that houses a variety of reptiles, birds and lemurs.

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