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Eritrea is a northeast African country on the Red Sea coast. Culturally, Eritrea is a melting pot. It might be a tiny country by Africa’s standards, but it hosts a kaleidoscopic range of ethnic groups. It also features a superb array of archaeological sites that tell volumes of history.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ertirea is between November to January. Book your Ertirea Tour Packages between these months and explore the Eritrea.

Best Eritrea Tour Packages

1. Sights Of Archaeological Interest Tour

In this tour, visit Asmara, the capital of Eritrea and the largest City. City accommodates more than 400 art Deco buildings officially recognized by UNESCO. The city maintains its cleanliness, which is commended by many visitors. One of the attractive features of Asmara, in particular and the country in general is that it is the safest place to enjoy. One would feel as if one is in Rome when touring Asmara. Visit the Peak of St Mary Cemetery where one can see the whole of Asmara. Visit Senafe, a border town with neighboring Ethiopia. Visitors will enjoy the archaeological site of an ancient town in Belew kelew overshadow by the 2.5 meter erect stele, demonstrating the ancient civilization in that area The physically fit can climb the Metera mountain and witness the breath taking view of 360 degrees where the majestic chains of the Ambassoira mountains adore the scenery. Much more in tour package…

2. Trekking To Debrebizen Monastery Tour

In this tour, you will trek the arduous journey. The Debre Bizen Monastery of the legendary Saint Abune Philipos is visited yearly only by male pilgrims on August 11 according to the Gregorian calendar or According to the Julian or Geez Calendar on the 5th August. At this date one would see male pilgrims as young as in their early teens and as old as in their late seventies trekking up towards the Monastery in that grueling journey. The monastery overshadows the town of Nefasit from 825 meters above. The climbing requires trekking of about 7 kilometers. Much more in tour package…

3. A Two Week Extended Tour In Eritrea

In this tour, enjoy a spectacular Sunday trip with the legendary century old locomotives from 2450 meters altitude in Asmara to a descent of 1350 meters to the little town of Nefasit. Along the way visitors will pass through 30 tunnels of an exhilarating experience. One would wonder at the feat of engineering the Italians had by the turn of the last century. There are also traces of the longest cable car in the world in the 1920’ that stretches for 70 kilometers from Asmara to Massawa. Visit Keren, famous for its many handicrafts that visitors can enjoy shopping . Enjoy the captivating Monday Camel and other livestock market in Keren. The town is surrounded by mountains and one would wish to have an experience of mountain climbing if one has the necessary training. Much more in tour package…

4. A Two Week Tour Sights Of Cultural Interest

In this tour, visit Asmara’s 400 art Deco buildings officially recognized by UNESCO. Visit Keren’s famous Mariam Dearit temple curved out from a Baobab tree. Visit Halib Mentel, Keren and its environs are inhabited by Tigre and Billen Tribes. Mostly they live in huts. One would enjoy their traditional dance and their unparalleled hospitality. The tribes are mostly farmers and pastoralists. Visit Green Belt, driving to Massawa through the green belt would take the route primarily towards the Keren road. Then turning towards the east the journey would gradually descend through the much admired filfil- solomuna road, usually called the Green belt. Much more in tour package…

5. Eritrean Festival Event Tour

In this tour, visits the festive compound Expo in Asmara and enjoys the celebratory mode and the harmony of the people of Eritrea. The people of Eritrea enjoy a yearly get together from July 31st until August 7th, literally a one week celebration. It takes place at the Expo ground. All ethnic groups show their different style of housing, living, food, dances and related rituals to the visitors of all walks of life. This week-long festival is also adored by different music troupes and the display of different inventions by creative students and workers. Included is also the display of several saleable items either locally made or imported. The yearly festival is an icon of togetherness unity and the traditional self help.


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