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Selling itself as the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts. Neither Europe nor Asia, it’s a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a ‘new’ nation rapidly transforming itself with a super-charged gust of petro-spending. The cosmopolitan capital, Baku, rings a Unesco-listed ancient core with dazzling 21st-century architecture and sits on the oil-rich Caspian Sea. It is the most famous and popular tourist site of the “eternal flame” in Azerbaijan. Actually, it is rather a hill than a mountain, with natural gas burning on its slope from ancient times.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is April to June and September to October, which will let you avoid the 40°C summers and sub zero winters – particularly in the mountains. You can also participate in the Novruz Bayrami celebrations each March, which mark the Persian New Year. Book your Azerbaijan Tour Packages in these months and enjoy your trip!

Best Azerbaijan Tour Packages

1. Guaranteed Tour: Land Of Fire

Immerse yourself into the fabulous world of the East, visit the pearl of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku! Its picturesque restaurants will surprise you with the variety and please you with delicious food, and the warm sun and the hospitality of the local people will make your holiday unforgettable! Azerbaijan is one of the few places on earth, where even today one can observe elements of preserved fire cult and the ancient Zoroastrianism religion. These places where oil oozes from the earth, and natural gas breaks out like flaming torches have always attracted fire worshipers from around the world. Baku, its oil, its “burning earth” have been known far beyond its borders since ancient times. Therefore, in this area such a monument as the temple Ateshgah has survived. Much more in tour package…

2. Culinary Tour Food On Foot

Currently gastronomic or culinary tourism is increasingly conquering the world. This tour offers you both – to see the ancient buildings, forts and museums and also to try the amazing drinks, national dishes and sweets prepared under ancient recipes …It is known that the country’s culinary traditions can say a lot about the culture, lifestyle and temperament of its people. Traveling on the gastronomic routes and tasting the masterpieces of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan, you can discover it for yourself with another “delicious” part. The proposed program includes visits to the most interesting regions of Baku, and each meal will be quite different: dishes from the tandoor, a variety of rice, Caspian freshest fish, kebabs, sorbets, wine, baklava, halva and many other yummies – all this is fully consistent with the historical ethnos the region, its culinary habits and traditions.

3. Guba – The Land Of Apple Flavor Tour

In this tour we invite you to become familiar with Guba – the land of apple flavor. Guba is famous for its apples, which have long become a symbol of the town . Famous French writer Alexandre Dumas, writer Bestuzhev-Marly, the famous Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl visited Guba. Guba is also recognized as a center for carpet weaving in Azerbaijan.

4. Tour to Southern Charm Of Azerbaijan

Southern region of Azerbaijan is one of the brightest and most beautiful regions of the Republic. Exquisite architecture, a wonderful climate and magnificent landscapes are the hallmarks of this region. Fertile soil contributes to the prosperity of agriculture, the presence of thermal springs attracts tourists and people who want to improve their health, and a long history and an abundance of historical and cultural attractions do not leave indifferent fans of antiquities. Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the East, visiting the pearl of Azerbaijan, Baku city! Its colorful restaurants will surprise you and you will be pleased with the variety of delicious local food, and the warm sun and the hospitality of the local people will make your holiday unforgettable!

5. Sightseeing Tour Across Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country with ancient history and culture. There are more than 6000 historical and architectural monuments. Many centuries ago and till our days this land served as a crossroads of trade routes from Asia to Europe being a key part of caravan routes. Already then numerous merchants, travelers, ambassadors, historians, ethnographers marked interesting historical-architectural monuments in the land of Azerbaijan.


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