Wood Buffalo National Park – UNESCO Heritage in Canada



Wood Buffalo National Park is an outstanding example of ongoing ecological and biological processes encompassing some of the largest undisturbed grass and sedge meadows left in North America. It sustains the world’s largest herd of wood bison, a threatened species. Another of the park’s attractions is the world’s largest inland delta, located at the mouth of the Peace and Athabasca rivers. In 1983, listed in UNESCO Heritage list.


Situated on the plains in the north-central region of Alberta, Canada, the park which covers 44,807 km2.

About Wood Buffalo National Park

1. Home to North America’s largest population of wild bison, Wood Buffalo National Park’s huge tracts of boreal forest also provide crucial habitat for a diverse range of other species, including the endangered whooping crane. The continued evolution of a large inland delta, salt plains and gypsum karst add to the park’s uniqueness.

2. The great concentrations of migratory wildlife are of world importance and the rare and superlative natural phenomena include a large inland delta, salt plains and gypsum karst that are equally internationally significant.

3. Wood Buffalo National Park is the most ecologically complete and largest example of the entire Great Plains-Boreal grassland ecosystem of North America, the only place where the predator-prey relationship between wolves and wood bison has continued, unbroken, over time.

4. Wood Buffalo National Park contains the only breeding habitat in the world for the whooping crane, an endangered species brought back from the brink of extinction through careful management of the small number of breeding pairs in the park.

5. The size of the park allows for the protection of entire ecosystems and the ecosystem features that are the basis for the park’s Outstanding Universal Value. The park’s size, remoteness, very low human population density and the absence of resource extraction activities minimize human-related stress within the property, resulting in a high level of integrity.

6. The park has the largest undisturbed meadows in North America, and protects a massive area of the continent’s Boreal plain. Those in love with the outdoors enjoy summer’s midnight sun, while camping, canoeing, hiking, biking and wildlife viewing.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Canada then the best time to visit Wood Buffalo National Park is June to September.


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