Tree Tops Jungle Lodges, Badeyaya Sri Lanka



A real jungle experience and simple living in harmony with wild nature is possible with Tree Tops Jungle Lodge.  Completely off the standard beaten track, the lodge is a special and non-touristic place to stay and is about location and experience rather than just another accommodation option. Come for living and walking with nature in the Weliara jungles, an isolated wilderness in the remote southeast Sri Lanka. The Weliara jungle is hidden between Yala National Park and the Rahat Kanda mountains – a 20 km steep ridge of rocky hills, separating civilization from wilderness. Night in the jungle is an experience of darkness and defining sounds of wilderness. Elephants frequently visit the lodge premises at night and sometimes even before the daylight fades around 6 – 7 pm.

Through simple, camp style living conditions, staying at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is an extraordinary trip, back to nature. You’ll be bathing at a freshwater well, there’s no electricity, and meals are cooked native style on wood fire. The minimal facilities are balanced by spotless service and a staff eager to create great experiences for visitors – be it tasty meals, jungle treks, or wild elephant spotting escorted by local trackers. All excursions are on foot with a 4-man team of local trackers including English speaking (local) naturalist of the lodge. Promise for protection and safe sleeping at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. Our locally recruited staff team and night watchers are perfect guards and very experienced ‘jungle experts’, highly skilled in using eyes and ears for interpretation of the signs of nature. We do offer a true jungle experience but we are situated in wilderness, not inside a safari park. Observing wild animals is not easy. Tree Tops Jungle Lodge local area is simply remote and wild and sparsely populated and the jungles and forests are part of the greater ecosystem of the Yala National Park. Yet, wildlife might be around and we expect visitors to respect the wild nature of our place and contribute to their own safety, behaving responsible and using basic instincts.




The ecolodge situated 10 km southeast of Buttala is carefully fitted into impressive surroundings, the elephant tracks, bush-jungle, mature tall forest, rocky hills as well as the wildlife.

Contact Address:

Tree Tops Jungle Lodges and Camps (Pvt.) Ltd.
Badeyaya, Okkampitiya, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 0775768079, +94 0777036554


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