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Yerevan is the capital of Armenia where sometimes it feels that this city is on a permanent holiday. Locals saunter down the main boulevards in the latest fashions and schmooze over drinks in park-side cafes, fast cars speed down the roads lined with 19th-century Russian edifices, and handsome brick squares are filled with people both day and night. While the monuments and museums are certainly worth a visit, the real draw in the Armenian capital is its friendly people and chic street culture.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Armenia then best time To visit Armenia are the months of March to November. December, January and February are the coldest, with snowfall fairly common in the northern region.

Top Places to Visit Yerevan

1. Republic Square

Built over 3,000-year old ruins, the square is marked by glittering fountains and a magnificent mosaic rock carpet. Locals play chess, share gossip and relax in the sun there during the day, and frequent outdoor concerts and fireworks keep it just as lively at night.

2. Freedom Square

Millions of Armenians gathered here in 1988 to claim their independence. Today, the square is a great place to skate, savor an ice cream cone and people-watch.

3. National History Museum

Explore millenniums of Armenian history here. The extensive collection includes silver and golden coins dating back 2,000 years, a model of the ancient city of Ani, carved doors from the area’s holiest churches, vivid carpets, ancient Greek and Armenian pottery and authentic weapons. Each object gives visitors a glimpse into the country’s history, culture and spirit.

4. National Art Gallery

Gallery contains more than 25,000 paintings from Armenian and international masters. Six floors of exhibits display works by Saryan, Russou, Carzou, Donatello, Ayvazovski and others.

5. Children’s Art Gallery

One of the most delightful places in Yerevan is the Children’s Art Gallery. The truly one-of-a-kind museum showcases children’s art from over 130 countries. There are more than 100,000 pieces on display, including sculptures, wood carvings, ceramics, paintings, needlework, collages and more, all made by creative children from age three to sixteen.

6. Folk Art Museum

Founded in 1978, the large collection includes stone carvings, embroidery, paintings, micro miniatures, woodworking, metal pieces and pottery that exemplify the skills, imagination and passion of Armenian craftsmen throughout the ages.

7. Cafesjian Center

Includes one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of glass art. The museum also includes a sculpture garden at the base of the Cascades, a flower-covered staircase that connects Victory Park and central Yerevan. During the summer, outdoor concerts and fireworks displays make the Cascades one of the liveliest places in the capital, and visitors can catch a beautiful view of the city from the top.


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