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Tegucigalpa is teh capital of Honduras. Ringed by forested hills in a highland valley, sprawling Tegucigalpa enjoys a relatively fresh, mild climate and a spectacular setting. It’s a bustling and dynamic place. It’s a fascinating place, with some good museums, restaurants and the air of a place on the up. Keep your ear to the ground and you’ll discover a dynamic young urban scene led by emerging artists, musicians, DJs and designers.

Best Time to Visit

The dry season along the Caribbean coast lasts from February to June which is generally the best time to visit, with the coolest time of the year being the months from November to February.

Top Places to Visit in Tegucigalpa

1. Iglesia Los Dolores

This striking church, which dominates an otherwise unremarkable plaza, has some attractive religious art. Its facade contains figures representing the Passion of Christ – his unseamed cloak, the rooster that crowed three times – all crowned by the more indigenous symbol of the sun.

2. Basílica de Suyapa

The most important church in Tegucigalpa – and therefore in Honduras – is the Gothic Basílica de Suyapa. La Virgen de Suyapa is the patron saint of Honduras; in 1982 a papal decree made her the patron saint of all Central America. Construction of the basilica, which is famous for its large stained-glass windows, began in 1954; finishing touches were still being added when we visited.

3. Centro de la Cultura Garinagu de Honduras

It’s well worth dropping by this cultural center, situated right on the Parque Morazán, which has handicrafts, clothing and tools on display, as well as a library and information about the Garifuna people. Employees will also be able to tell you where you can see Garifuna dance troupes performing their incredibly athletic and sensual dance moves.

4. Museo del Hombre

Located in a beautiful colonial-era structure, the Museo del Hombre displays mostly contemporary Honduran art, much of which fuses Spanish religious motifs with those from Honduras’ indigenous cultures.

5. Museo para la Identidad Nacional

The capital’s finest museum is housed in an expertly renovated 19th-century edifice, the former Palace of Ministries. It provides a superb, comprehensive overview of the nation’s history and identity through a series of modern exhibits. Displays are in Spanish, but free guided tours in English are given four times a day. The masterstroke is a 3D-film tour of the Copán ruins (L35), shown four times per day.

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