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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. One of the most enchanting cities in Europe thanks to its blend of modern and medieval. In the Estonian capital, carved stone walls give way to restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs and cafes that sit in the shadows of 14th-centruy churches. The Old Town is UNESCO World Heritage site, encompassing historic gems that bring the city’s medieval past alive. A short walk away lies a growing gallery scene showcasing some of the country’s most innovative and imaginative artists. This blend of the past and present makes Tallinn endlessly charming, and there is plenty to explore in the vibrant capital.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Estonia then the late spring, from April to May, and early autumn, September to October, is great time to visit.

Top Places to Visit in Tallinn

1. Town Hall Square

The social heart of Tallinn for over seven centuries. In the summer, the square hosts concerts and festivals, and in the winter, it transforms into a delightful Christmas market. The Gothic Town Hall sits on the square and today houses a concert hall and museum. The oldest pharmacy in Europe sits across the square and, according to local legend, is the birthplace of the sweet treat marzipan.

2. St. Olaf’s Church

Once the highest building in the world when it was constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The church is still active, and visitors can explore the carved stone walls outside of service times.

3. St. Nicholas’ Church

Built in the 13th century in honor of sailors and fisherman, the church has recently been restored after Soviet bombings nearly destroyed it. Today, the church houses both a concert hall and an art museum featuring works by Bernt Notke.

4. St Mary’s Lutheran Cathedral

Tallinn’s cathedral (now Lutheran, originally Catholic) had been initially built by the Danes by at least 1233, although the exterior dates mainly from the 15th century, with the tower completed in 1779. This impressive building was a burial ground for the rich and titled, and the whitewashed walls are decorated with the elaborate coats-of-arms of Estonia’s noble families. Fit view-seekers can climb the tower.

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