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Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador,a mid-sized El Salvadoran city, the long-standing coffee wealth of which is reflected in its architecture, some of the most magnificent in Central America. There’s a relaxed confidence in the wide, tree-lined streets and colorful houses, and Santanecos are genuinely proud of their growing cultural scene. Smart travelers are choosing Santa Ana as an alternative base to the capital for exploring Lago de Coatepeque, the Maya ruins at Tazumal or the Ruta de las Flores.

Best Time to Visit

Between the months of November to April, the weather in El Salvador is pleasant, and warm, without being hot and humid.So, it will be the best time to visit.

Top Places to Visit in Santa Ana

1. Liberty Park

Parque Libertad or Liberty park is the main square of the Salvadorian city of Santa Ana. Situated in the center of the city, it is surrounded by historic buildings including: the National Theater, the City Hall, the Cathedral and by other important structures like the “Casino Santaneco” and the “Centro de Artes de Occidente”.

2. National Theatre

The National Theater is located north to the main square “Libertad”. Its construction began in 1902, due to the lack of entertainment places and also because of the rivalry with the city of San Salvador, Santa Ana wanted to prove it had a nicer theater. The theater was built in two stages and in a neoclassic French style. It was finally inaugurated on February 27th 1912, with the presentation of the play “Rigoletto”, by an Italian Opera House. The Santa Ana Theater currently holds more activities every month.

3. Santa Ana Cathedral

Probably the city’s most notable landmark, the Santa Ana Cathedral was completed in 1913 after eight years of construction. Where many of El Salvador’s churches and cathedrals were build in the Spanish Colonial style typical of Latin American religious architecture, the Santa Ana Cathedral was inspired by the neo-Gothic cathedrals of Europe; today it’s considered among the most beautiful in Central America. A statue of the Virgin of Santa Ana, the city’s patron saint, sits just within the cathedral’s entrance. Santa Ana is also considered the patron saint of difficult labor, and expecting women often come to pray to the saint. Newborn children are brought back to the virgin forty days alter as a symbol of thanks.

4. Izalco Volcano

Located within El Salvador’s Cerro Verde National Park (Parque Nacional Cerro Verde), the Izalco Volcano is the highest in the country and the park’s most visually beautiful peak. It’s also one of the most challenging treks in the park; it takes visitors an average of three hours (one way) to reach the summit at 6,404 feet (1,952 meters).


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