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San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, a little more than an agricultural city San José is Central America’s most cosmopolitan city today, where the markets are vibrant, the people are friendly and the nightlife shines. There are numerous outstanding museums and there seems to always be plenty of reasons to celebrate the pure life, in the local language of there “la pura vida”.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Costa Rica then the best time to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April (the dry season). This peak tourist season boasts plenty of sunshine making it an ideal time for exploring rain-forests and lounging on beaches.

Top Places to Visit in San Jose

1. Parque Nacional

Costa Rica is known for its incredible flora and fauna, and visitors to San José can experience many of its natural wonders without ever leaving the city thanks to the Parque Nacional. The benches in the shady green space are often taken over by romantic young couples, retirees catching up on the daily news and mothers taking a rest while watching their children play nearby. At the center of the park is the Monumento Nacional, erected in 1953 in a dramatic depiction of the region’s nations driving out William Walker, the American filibuster. The rest of the park features monuments to other key figures in the history of Latin America.

2. Museo de Jade

There are a number of impressive museums in the city, but none is more intriguing than the Museo de Jade. The small museum is nearly bursting with the largest collection of American jade in the world. The display cases are crammed with translucent carvings of frogs, fertility goddesses, snakes and shamans, and the pottery exhibit has some highly unusual pieces that show off the local craftsmanship.

3. Museo Nacional

Located in the old army headquarters, the museum’s collection features pre-Columbian pieces and artifacts from the early republic and colonial eras. The northeast galleries are particularly interesting with their well-preserved early 20th-century décor.

4. Catedral Metropolitana

Costa Rica’s Ticos are quite devout, and many worship at the Catedral Metropolitana. The Renaissance-style building is remarkable for its graceful neoclassical interior marked by stained-glass windows, colorful tile floors and hand-carved Guatemalan Christ figure. If you have a prayer, scribble it on a tiny piece of paper and leave it at the Chapel of the Holy One.

5. National Theatre of Costa Rica

The National Theatre of Costa Rica is located in the central section of San José, Costa Rica. Construction began in 1891, and it opened to the public on 21 October 1897 with a performance of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust. The building is considered the finest historic building in the capital, and it is known for its exquisite interior which includes its lavish furnishings. As well as having performances several times a week, the theater is a tourist attraction.

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