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Sainte-Anne is a coastal town on Grande-Terre Island in Guadeloupe, a French overseas region in the Caribbean Sea. Sainte-Anne is a lively tourist enclave in a peaceful agricultural region. The restaurants and bars are open ’til late, and the beaches on Sainte-Anne’s waterfront are convivial and fun. But you can ditch the crowds too by finding other immaculate beaches along the coast. Nearly all are swimmable as there’s a long reef shielding the ocean currents. You can look for a beach sheltered from the trade winds, or catch these breezes windsurfing or kite-surfing.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit in Sainte-Anne is September to February but these months are very crowded due to pleasant weather.

Top Places to Visit in Sainte-Anne

1. Caravelle Beach

Caravelle beach in particular, with its white sand, coconut palms and turquoise lagoon, is surely one of the most beautiful in the Guadeloupe archipelago! An ideal place to relax, take a dip or go windsurfing, while enjoying a most idyllic setting. The surf here is low and the water is almost transparent as the waves break on that reef a hundred metres or so offshore.

2. Plage de Sainte-Anne

A fun, sociable beach, the Plage de Sainte-Anne is right on the town’s waterfront and is the first place tourists and residents go to laze by the ocean. On weekends things can get quite busy and parking can be difficult, but the upside of a popular beach like this is a big choice of bars of restaurants, while shops are just a few steps away. Plage de Sainte-Anne is another good one for children as it shelves low and long seawalls create glistening turquoise shallows to paddle or float in.

3. Bois Jolan Beach

A few kilometres east of Sainte-Anne, you can get to the Plage de Bois Jolan along a bumpy forest track.
The beach well out of the way, and there’s plenty of room to spread out.There are far fewer vendors working here, and tourists are thin on the ground so some days you’ll feel like you have this long, ribbon of white sand to yourself.As with Sainte-Anne’s other beaches the waves break far out, leaving clear and shallow pools of water for snorkelling and bathing. Kids and non-swimmers will love it.

4. Petite-Terre

This pair of islands is protected as a natural reserve. Trips there are adventures over ocean and land, filled with unforgettable moments; you’ll get to go snorkelling and mingle with colourful tropical fish, stingrays, sea turtles and small sharks (larger sharks you can see from a distance). Afterwards you can laze on heavenly deserted beaches on Terre-de-Bas and have a barbecue and a glass of rum punch.

5. Night Market

he popular night market, which takes place near the municipal stadium of Sainte-Anne, welcomes visitors every Thursday from 6 pm. This is an opportunity to discover local products, fruit and vegetables, spices and Antilles hot food, all to the sound of zouk music. The lively, friendly and festive atmosphere is a reminder of the good life and cheerful spirit that reigns in Sainte-Anne!


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