Tourism in Port-au-Prince



Port-au-Prince is the capital and largest city of Haiti. In this beautiful city, you will find Haiti’s museums, natural wonders, forts, restaurants, parks, and many surprises here.

Best Time to Visit

The weather is at its best during the dry spell from November through to March and this is generally considered the best time to visit Haiti.

Top Places to Visit in Port-au-Prince

1. The National Palace

The National Palace famously collapsed during the earthquake and offers one of Port-au-Prince’s most startling reminders of the quake’s power. By the beginning of 2014 the structure had been razed. One of Port-au-Prince’s many tent cities was located across the street from the site of the palace. The tent encampment has now been cleared and the site is again home to one of the largest parks in Haiti, the Champs-de-Mar.

2. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption

Port-au-Prince’s largest cathedral is just down the road from the palace and is likewise a shell of its former glory. Residents continue to pray outside its broken husk, and funerals are frequently held in a plaza behind the main building.

3. The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien

In this museum each period is divided into a mural-ed section containing paragon items of that time: the anchor of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’s flagship, is the centerpiece of the exploration age section.

4. Fort Jacques

One of Haiti’s few national parks, Fort Jacques is outside of Port au Prince about 45 minutes up the mountain in the village of Fermathe. The weather is cool (you might need a light jacket some days) and the view is spectacular. You’ll get a great view down to the city from a preserved pine forest. The history of the fort is self-evident, but local boys will gladly show you around and practice their better-than-expected English for a couple of dollars (well worth it). They are also willing photographers for this beautiful setting. A great escape from the heat when the beach isn’t in order.

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