Tourism in Port Antonio



Even though it is a quiet and beautiful haven, Port Antonio isn’t only visited for its charm. If you’ve got an eye for arts and crafts, and all the jewels Jamaica has to offer, come and explore the city. Port Antonio is perhaps the most beautiful and scenic part of Jamaica. Navigatable rivers, twin harbors, waterfalls, freshwater Blue Holes and so much more.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Jamaica then best time to visit Port Antonio is December to March. Port Antonio has dry periods during these months. October is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you don’t like too much rain.

Top Places to Visit in Port Antonio

1. Boston’s Beach

Also known as the Center of Jerk in Jamaica, is more than just a great place to eat. You can rent a surfboard and enjoy the high surf when it rolls into the beautiful beach area. Watch out! You could drive right by without even noticing!

2. Reach Falls

Sometimes spelled “Reich”, is a highly photographed waterfall that has only recently become popular with tourists and locals alike. The lush greenery from the Montane Forrest and the refreshing pool beneath the cascading waterfall promises a memorable experience. Reach Falls offers the opportunity to enjoy the cascading waterfall, a picnic area, and a guided tour upstream the Driver’s River (which feeds the waterfall) featuring a legendary underwater cave. Reach Falls features a natural heart-shaped jacuzzi which invigorates the body with every stroke from the water rushing through the channel. If you time it right and there is no crowd, it will be a highlight of your trip!

3. Winnifred Beach

Located in the Fairy Hill community, Winnifred Beach is home to a delightful reef just offshore that’s not only perfect for snorkeling, but for its clear, calm, bright-blue water justly popular with locals. A long, unpaved road leads to the wide, white-sand beach that stretches along a sheltered bay. Thick groups of trees and vines act as a backdrop to the aquamarine water filling the foreground. At the base of the hill, large trees shade a flat strip of land, where several food and drink-vendors prepare fresh fish dishes and jerk delights, a specialty of Portland. There’s also a mini-field, perfect for a game of football. And on weekends, there are horseback riding tours down the beach and boat trips to nearby Monkey Island.

4. Blue Lagoon

Around 200 feet deep, the variations of Emerald and Jade colors will amaze you. Although the lagoon is open to the sea, the water springs from about 150 feet below the surface of the lagoon. Warm and cold water exist side by side so you can find your perfect temperature. The water is extremely buoyant from the upwelling and said to be an aphrodisiac!

5. Rafting the Rio Grande

Supposedly started by Errol Flynn to entertain his guests, this 3-hour, 6-mile journey through rural Jamaica on bamboo rafts is now a top attraction. Be sure to give your lover a kiss when passing through Lover’s Lane! This is a personal favorite too!


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