Tourism in Nuuk



Nuuk is the Capital of Greenland, backed by a spectacular panorama of mountains. The capital commands an incredible fjord system and is both quaint and picturesque. Rich with history, natural beauty and wildlife, discovering Nuuk is a positively breathtaking experience.

Best Time to Visit

Seasons in Greenland are very diverse, and each season has its distinctive marks, but that which especially differentiates the seasons is the presence or absence of snow. Some activities and experiences are seasonal, such as dog-sledding and witnessing the northern lights, which primarily take place during winter, whereas northern lights and whales are seen during summer.

Top Places to Visit in Nuuk

1. Fjord System

Nuuk’s impressive fjord system is the world’s second largest, and it is an ideal place for a whale safari. Fin, humpback and mink whales play in the cool waters, and the majestic creatures are a guaranteed sight from May through November. If you are lucky, you may even spot killer and blue whales, but those species tend to be more rare treats. Watching the whales come to the surface for air is an astounding sight you will never forget.

2. Greenland National Museum

One of the best museum. There, galleries nearly overflow with costumes, kayaks, amulets and even mummies that together give visitors a good introduction to the country’s history and culture.

3. Nuuk Museum of Art

Featuring over 300 photographs and paintings and over 400 figurines carved from soapstone, local woods and teeth. The museum also sponsors a functioning workshop where visitors can watch masters create interesting pieces and even take a class on traditional artistic methods.

4. Archipelago at Nuuk

Navigating the archipelago at Nuuk is another special experience. Many tour operators set sail off the coast each day, and boat trips are one of the best ways to discover the dramatic encounter between the countryside and the coast. Behold the amazing sight of the fjords, mountains, town and sea, and be on the lookout for seals!

Tour Activities in Nuuk

In the summer, hiking is a favorite pastime of Nuuk locals. In just a few hours, you can explore the capital’s landmark of Sermitsiaq and explore Lille Malene. You can even walk in the footsteps of the Norsemen as you pass Norse ruins in Sandnaes.

The city’s impressive inlet system is ideal for kayaking, and many locals maintain the tradition of making their own kayaks. The old colonial port has many examples on display, and visitors can rent both traditional and modern kayaks there.

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