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Muscat is the capital of Oman, a elegant, graceful and fine city. Muscat literally means “anchorage,” and a major part of the city was built around the sea. At the historic ports of Muttrah and Old Muscat, goods and people arrive from ships daily. Locals love their city, and visitors from all over the world do too.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Oman then the best time to visit is between October and April.

Top Places to Visit in Muscat

1. Grand Mosque

Some of the most beautiful sights in Muscat are Islamic mosques. One of the most glorious is the Grand Mosque, a gift from Sultan Qaboos to commemorate the third decade of his reign. The imposing exterior gives way to a breathtakingly rich main prayer hall. Inside is the world’s largest carpet, a Persian rug measuring 70 meters long and 60 meters wide. More than 600 women spent four years stitching the masterpiece. Long sleeves and trousers should be worn when visiting the mosque, and women must cover their hair before entering.

2. Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum

Muscat is home to an array of outstanding museums. One of the most popular is the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, housed in an 1845 mansion. The exhibits in the lower rooms outline the country’s military history while the upper galleries detail Oman’s international relations. Visiting dignitaries can often be spotted perusing the exhibits, and a mandatory military escort is required to see the collection.

3. Bait al-Baranda Museum

Muscat has a long and interesting history, and the Bait al-Baranda museum is dedicated to telling the story of the capital. The imaginative and interactive displays will delight both children and adults, and one of the most striking exhibits is the dinosaur skeleton pieced together from bones excavated from the city’s Al-Khoud area. The ethnographical displays provide a good context for understanding the regional and cultural importance of Muscat.

4. Muscat Gate Museum

Between the old walled city and the corniche lies the Muscat Gate Museum, marking the space once occupied by the old city wall. The small museum is worth browsing, but the real draw is the neighboring hill. From the top, visitors can catch an extraordinary view of Muscat and Muttrah.

5. Oman Museum

The Oman Museum is also worth visiting mainly for its view. The small displays include examples of Omani architecture and artifacts, but the panoramic view over the gleamingly white suburbs and sea cannot be beat.

6. The Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace

The Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace is also closed to visitors, but the view of the palace from the outside is still stunning.

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