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Moroni is the capital of Comoros,where you will feel that you are entirely in different world. A romanticised Arabia where the air is heavy, the capital of Comoros is filled with white-robed men, women in colorful wraps and narrow streets lined with traditional cafes and shops. Although there are few traditional tourist attractions, the city’s beauty more than makes up for the lack.

Best Time to Visit

The year is divided into two great seasons, the summer, which lasts from November to March and which is very hot with frequent showers, and the winter, between April and October, where the temperatures are milder with a dry climate , much more pleasant.

Top Places to Visit in Moroni

1. Volo Market

Volo market is worth a visit for handicrafts and souvenirs. There, visitors can shop for locally grown spices, products made from coconuts or handmade tools from local artisans and craftsmen.

2. Medina Section

The most interesting district in Moroni to explore is the Medina section, near the Friday Mosque and the port. The winding alleys snake through ancient buildings, and the neighborhood is cooler than other parts of the city because the closeness of the buildings gives shade.

3. Karthala Volcano

One of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes. When the volcano is calm, visitors are welcome to trek to the peak, but the two-day climb is difficult.

4. Iconi

One of the island’s oldest settlements, Iconi, is just a short taxi drive south of the capital. Visitors can explore the volcanic crater, shop in the bustling town center and look out over the sea from incredible cliffs. The nearby village of Mbachile is also worth visiting for its coastal beauty.

5. Coelacanth Marine Park

Known for its steep underwater cliffs. An education and conservation center is underway to teach visitors about the region’s rich marine life.

There are a few restaurants within the capital that serve international cuisine, but do not leave Comoros without sampling at least a few traditional dishes. Seafood is in abundance because of the island’s location in the Indian Ocean, and fresh fruits are used in many dishes. The major fruits included in the cuisine include pineapple, banana, paw paw and avocado. A typical dinner or lunch almost always includes rice and meat, but Indian-influenced foods like curries, lentil soups and chapattis are also popular.

Visiting Comoros during traditional festivals and celebrations is always a treat. The people of Moroni celebrate major Islamic holidays, like the New Year in February and Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan. There is always a big festival to celebrate Independence Day on July 6. Locals honor the past and celebrate their culture through feasts, music performances and traditional dances.

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