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Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay.Rich in culture with a vibrant, eclectic atmosphere, Montevideo is the largest and most interesting city in Uruguay. The sprawling city spans almost 20 kilometers from east to west, and the neighborhoods range from gritty industrial ports to historic districts where neoclassical and art deco buildings line the streets. Across town, modern high-rises tower over newer beach communities and shopping malls. The locals are proud of their energetic and thriving city, and you will soon discover why when you visit Montevideo.

Best Time to Visit

Autumn (March-May) and Spring (September-November) are particularly lovely times to visit weather-wise.

Top Places to Visit in Montevideo

1. Plaza Independencia

The Plaza Independencia sits at the heart of the capital’s Old City. The broad, palm tree-lined square is overshadowed by a gigantic 30-ton, 17-meter tall statue of Jose Artigas, the national hero. Known as the father of Uruguay nationhood, Artigas’ tomb is located underneath the statue. An honor guard keeps vigil all day, every day over his remains, and visitors can pay their respects on the weekends.Built in 1927, it was once the tallest building in the continent at 26 stories. For a great view of the city, take the elevator to the top of the beehive-shaped building.

2. Puerta de la Ciudadela

On the west end of the plaza is the Puerta de la Ciudadela. Built in the mid-19th century, the stone gateway is one of the only surviving remnants of the former colonial citadel.

3. Casa Garibaldi

One of the most beautiful buildings in Montevideo is the Casa Garibaldi, former home of the 19th-century Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi. Exiled after revolting against the monarchy, Garibaldi spent many years hiding in the building.

4. National History Museum

There are a few notable museums scattered throughout the city. The National History Museum tells the story of the country’s past through exhibits spread between five old historic houses. Prominent works by one of Uruguay’s most celebrated artists are displayed at the Museo Torres Garcia.

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