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Maseru is the capital of Lesotho and always been one of Africa’s quieter cities, but the capital of Lesotho has rapidly expanded in recent years. Today, the city is home to a decent selection of accommodations and restaurants, well-stocked shops, friendly people and a host of other modern amenities. Although there are very few traditional tourist attractions, the city is a great place to recharge and stock up before venturing further into Lesotho.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Lesotho then the summer months of October to April are a good time to visit Lesotho.

Top Places to Visit in Maseru

1. Mokorotlo

One of the most monumental buildings in the country stands near central Maseru. Called the Mokorotlo, the site is a traditional hut redesigned in a more modern and sophisticated style. The revamped hut houses a museum where visitors can learn more about the nation’s history, culture and traditions.

2. Village of Thetsane

Just south of Maseru is the village of Thetsane, where a cluster of factories produce clothing like jeans and tee-shirts for American chain stores. While downtown Maseru has a slow, easy-going pace, Thetsane’s industrial atmosphere creates a chaotic hustle and bustle.

3. The Semonkong Falls

One of Lesotho’s most remarkable sights is only about three hours away from the capital by car is Maletsunyane Falls or Semonkong Falls. The Semonkong Falls drop over 200 meters, and visitors can swim in the pond below during the summer months. In the winter, the pond freezes and the falls become trapped in ice. Above the waterfall, the Maletsunyane River in itself is nothing spectacular, which makes the discovery of the falls even more amazing! The scramble down the sides of the gorge is hard, but fairly safe and the noise and spray at the bottom by the pool is awe inspiring!

4. Morija

Thirty-five kilometers south of Maseru is the town of Morija. There, visitors can see well-preserved footprints of dinosaurs that once lived in Mozambique. Visitors to the town can also explore the Lesotho Evangelical Church and the Maeder House and Arts Center. There are also many opportunities for mountain climbing, hiking and pony-trekking in the town.

There are many opportunities for outdoor adventures in and around Maseru. The city is home to some excellent gyms, tennis courts and golf courses, and canoeing down the Caledon river is a great way to explore the area’s flora and fauna. Visitors can also ride horses in more off-the-beaten-trail parts of the capital and hike up the city’s largest hill to catch great views of the capital.

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