Tourism in Marigot



Marigot is the main town and capital in the French Collectivity of Saint Martin. Located on the west coast of the island of St. Martin. It extends from the coast to the west, along the Bay of Marigot and the hills of the interior of the island to the east. On the south-west it is bounded by the Simpson Bay. Marigot is typical of Caribbean towns, with gingerbread houses and sidewalk bistros. Market days are every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is May and June or between November and mid December.

Top Places to Visit in Marigot

1. Fort Louis

One of the largest forts on the island, Louis was once the site of armed battles between the major European powers of the Caribbean, and today some rusting cannons can still be seen peppering the lookouts.

2. Pics Paradis

Glowering down on the whitewashed homes and sparkling beaches of Orient Bay, the pretty French Quarter of Orleans and the brackish lagoons that encompass Philipsburg to the south, Pics Paradis is home to unquestionably some of the best views on the island. It’s also the endgame of many a wonderful hike through the St. Martin back country.

3. Loterie Farm

Built on the land of an historic plantation, Loterie Farm is now an all-round resort that hugs the green and pretty edges of Pic Paradis hill. It’s got sparkling pools and treehouse-style cabanas peppering its well-manicured gardens, and offers a series of eateries on-site, from the earthy Bamboo Room to the Hidden Forest Café. However, most travelers head here to get the heart thumping and adrenaline flowing; to try their hand on the series of Tarzan-esque ziplines and swinging rope bridges that the folk of Loterie have installed through the surrounding jungle canopies.

4. Orient Bay

There are plenty of reasons why so many travelers hail the sloping yellow-white sands and turquoise shallows of Orient Bay, running in an arc of Caribbean colour around the north-eastern side of the island, as one of the top seaside locations on the globe. And if you don’t fancy just kicking-back and watching the clouds flit over the mountains that line the headlands of French St. Martin, there’s plenty more on the menu: Expect jet skis, beach volleyball and inflatables out at sea.