Tourism in Mamoudzou



Mamoudzou is the capital of Mayotte. The Mayotte Islands are known for their breathtaking natural splendor and unique plant and animal life. The capital Mamoudzou lies on the main island of Grand Terre, and visitors there quickly feel at home thanks to the relaxing atmosphere and friendly people.

Best Time to Visit

The dry season (June to October) is cooler and less humid and is the best time to visit. The monsoon rains occur from November to May and there is a tendency for cyclones to occur during this season.

Tourist Attractions in Mamoudzou

Mayotte’s terrain is marked by deep ravines and ancient volcanic peaks. The landscape’s sheer beauty never becomes a bore to explore, and the warm climate makes for ideal hiking conditions year-round. If you are truly adventurous, there are many peaks to traverse, including the 660-meter tall Mount Benara, 572-meter Mount Mtsapere and a variety of smaller summits, including Choungui, Hachiroungou, Dziani Bole and Mount Combani. You can also take an afternoon to explore the islet of Pamandzi, where emerald green waters fill a deep volcanic crater.

Mamoudzou is surrounded by six villages: Kaweni, Tsoundzou I, Tsoundzou II, Vahibe, Mtsapere and Passamainti. Spend a day soaking in the laid-back lifestyle and getting to know the friendly locals in the villages, and be sure to sample some traditional dishes.


The island is blessed with some of the region’s most spectacular beaches. Opportunities for water sports abound, and you can spend days exploring the waters through spearfishing, diving, sailing, angling and snorkeling. The beaches give way to coral reefs thriving with exotic marine life and incredibly beautiful lagoons waiting to be explored by boat or canoe.

Boat Trip and Relaxing on Beach

You can take boat trips to spot whales or explore the southern coasts to see exotic sea turtles. If you just crave pure relaxation, lay on the warm sands of the Salou, Ngoudja and Moya beaches.

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