Tourism in Le Diamant



A seaside resort on Martinique’s south coast, famous for its diving spots, Le Diamant, both a town and a commune, is one of the most scenic destinations in southern Martinique. Le Diamant is named after the famous rock opposite. This volcanic rock standing 175 metres tall was once a shelter for pirates, and also a fortified bridge during the fighting between the French and English in the Caribbean. Nestling in an exceptional setting and enjoying a very pleasant micro-climate, this welcoming community has no shortage of tourist spots to discover.

Best Time to Visit

Decmber to May is the dry season, and the busiest time of the year, although Martinique enjoys a year-round tropical climate.

Top Places to Visit in Le Diamant

1. Museum in Le Diamant

The lovely museum of shells and the sea, where you can see a collection of over 2,000 species of shell from all over the world, including 700 from the Antilles! And to find out more about Le Diamant’s history, head to the Bernard David museum, named after a priest who bequeathed his document archive to the municipality, along with an amazing collection of pre-Columbian archaeological objects.

2. Big Cove Beach

Enjoy a relaxing break on the splendid sandy beach of Big Cove (Grande Anse), before going on to Le Diamant headland. Here there’s a belvedere offering a wonderful view of the famous Le Diamant rock and the Caribbean Sea.

3. Cafard Cove

At Cafard Cove, be sure to stop by the awe-inspiring Cap 110 memorial! With its group of white statues (the colour of mourning in Martinique), it commemorates a tragic incident that took place in 1830. These fifteen imposing sculptures, made by the artist Laurent Valère for the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, were erected in memory of the 300 shipwrecked slaves, of whom only 86 survived. A place that’s very moving but also stunningly beautiful, with its lovely view of Le Diamant Bay.

4. Grande Anse du Diamant

Towering over the Big Cove of Le Diamant (Grande Anse du Diamant) from a height of 477 metres, the Larcher Hill, whose shape resembles that of a woman lying down, looks especially enchanting at sunset… Hikers will enjoy a walk up this extinct volcano with panoramic views over the south of the island!