Tourism in Jinja



Jinja is a town in southern Uganda, on the shore of Lake Victoria. The source of the Nile, at Coronation Park, is marked by a garden and a monument honoring British explorer John Hanning Speke.Jinja town is the largest town of the district and the second most important capital city of Uganda.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Jinja for ideal weather are April 30th to October 14th based on average temperature and humidity.

Top Places to Visit in Jinja

1. Source of the Nile

The Source of the Nile, the second longest river in the world, marketed as a discovery of one of the first European explorers, namely Speke, is an internationally unique attraction. Commissioning a study to improve it as a tourist attraction and implementing the recommendations would greatly help to enhance its potential as a tourist attraction for both international tourists and domestic excursionists.

2. Bujagali Falls

These are located along the Nile River, within a distance of about 10 kilometers from Jinja municipality. The scenery and rafting activities of Bujagali Falls currently exploited on a small scale have an enormous potential for both excursions and international tourism. The falls also offer opportunity for rafting and bird watching.

3. Itanda Falls

Itanda Falls are also found on the Nile, 18 kilometers north-west of Jinja town. The falls offer opportunity for bird watching (especially the weaver birds), camping, rafting and picnic outings.

4. Kyabirwa Falls

Located 8 kilometers from Jinja, the falls offer a good scenery and landscape for campsites that is not yet fully exploited. Potential also exists for bird watching, rafting and Ethnobotany.

5. Lake Victoria Beaches

The lake’s beaches have been partially exploited for location of tourism developments, especially hotels. These beaches include the sites at Sailing Club, Tilapia Club and Masese. Besides the scenery, the lake can be exploited for water sports, which would attract the domestic, foreign resident and foreign non-resident tourists.