Tourism in Guanica



Guanica is an outstanding destination in Puerto Rico for eco-tourists. Not only is it home to a unique and important “Dry Forest,” but there is phosphorous bay which glows bright blue every night. Even the rugged beaches appeal more to the adventurous explorer over the tourist looking for luxury and a soft spot in the sand to get a tan.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is from mid-April to June, right after the busy winter season and just before the rainy summer. Weather in January in Guanica is good. This month is coldest month in Guanica.

Top Places to Visit in Guanica

1. Cana Gorda Beach

Caña Gorda Beach is so favored by locals that many own vacation homes nearby. This means you’ll want to hit the beach early in order to stake your claim on a nice plot of oceanfront property. A second location that beach-goers can consider is Playa Santa. The shore of Playa Santana stretches on for a mile, lined with coconut palms and resort properties. The sands are soft and white with aqua colored waters that rush ashore at regular intervals.

2. Rosado Beach

While the beach is still located inside a community, a wall of trees does help block out some of the buildings and the road. However, even if the trees did not, the area is no San Juan, and is quiet enough not to disturb anyone napping on the beach.

3. Museo Historico de Las Piedras

If you like to expand your knowledge of other places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Guánica. One popular destination is Museo Historico de Las Piedras. It is situated in San German, 11.2 mi. Northwest of central Guánica. A tiny museum detailing the history of this otherwise unremarkable area of Puerto Rico, the Museo Historico de las Piedras preserves tales, art, and memories that would otherwise have been forgotten long ago.

4. Bosque Estatal De Guánica

Bosque Estatal De Guánica is one of the outdoor attractions you might enjoy visiting. Designated by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, Bosque Estatal de Guanica is a popular destination for nature seeking tourist and those looking for the most pristine beaches on the island.



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