Tourism in Failaka Island



Failaka Island is one among the most visited tourist destinations in Kuwait. Located along the northern part of Persian Gulf, and located 20kms away from Kuwait City, and situated opposite to the Failaka Bay. Failaka is a magnificent island that easily blends ancient history of Kuwait with gleaming modernity. Failaka Island has been much developed as a tourist spot, as it offers fishing, boating, sailing, swimming and water sports.

Best Time to Visit

The spring season is the best time to visit the Island it is said, due to the gentle breeze, budding flowers, vibrant flora, changing temperature and pleasant weather conditions.

Tourist Attractions in Failaka Island

The island has interesting specimens from the Bronze Age and Dilmun Civilizations. The Greeks are said to have lived in this island and set up localities. The archeological remains of the past, in the form of coins, temples and seals are still found here, which could be a treasure trove for history buffs.

Failaka Heritage Village

Failaka Heritage Village, the only true heritage village in Kuwait, preserves the essence of Kuwait in the past. Visitors here get to enjoy and spend some time staying in spacious and comfortable houses, resembling the old life style in Kuwait. There are Arabian horses, camels in Failaka Stables, and visitors can spend some time riding them. There are barbecues being offered under moonlight. One of the special establishments of the Heritage Village is Qa’at Al Khair with capacity to seat 450 guests, and Museum Palace of Sheikh Abdulla Al Salim Al Sabah.

Wanasa Beach

Located on an Island, the Failaka Heritage Village has a beach, named the Wanasa Beach, wherein there are plenty of water sports, and crystal clear water and golden sand for visitors to relax. There are jet skis, water skis, fishing cruises, banana boat rides and more. There are private areas for families with showers, and also a supermarket and burger restaurant.


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