Tourism in Eleuthera



Eleuthera is a long, thin island in the Bahamas archipelago. It’s known for pink sand beaches like the long French Leave Beach. Close to Gregory Town, Surfer’s Beach offers big waves. To the southeast, Ten Bay Beach has shallow waters and a nearby cave. Surrounded by trees, Ocean Hole is a natural inland swimming spot with tropical fish and turtles. This Bahamas island also is known for pineapple plantations. Locals serve up plenty of pineapple tarts, and the annual pineapple festival celebrates the pineapple heritage of the Bahamas.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Eleuthera is during the off season months of May to October. This will ensure that you get lesser number of people, cheaper hotel tariffs and fewer waiting lines. Most of the people go to Eleuthera during the March to May period because of the great weather, so it is considered to be the tourist peak season.

Top Places to Visit in Eluthera

1. Gregory Town

This beautiful small town stands as a popular attraction for the tourists who come to visit Eleuthera Island. Nearly half an hour drive from the Eleuthera Airport will take you to Gregory Town. It is observed that most of the settlement of this island has happened in this town. That’s why this town is often referred as “Pineapple Capital”. Another reason for giving this sweet name to this town is Bahamas has a history of producing some of the tastiest pineapple in this region. Hence, if you are visiting Gregory Town, make sure you taste their best fruit.

2. Glass Window Bridge

About two miles east of Upper Bogue and north of Gregory Town at the narrowest part of Eleuthera Island, which is just 30 feet wide, is the Glass Window Bridge. Striking rock formations make up the Glass Window Bridge. The land here, is high on either side and abruptly falls away to nearly sea level almost dividing the island in two You can stand in one spot and see the gray Atlantic Ocean to the west and Exuma Sound to the east.

3. The Cow & The Bull

Another interesting land formation on Eleuthera Island is The Cow & The Bull about a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge. There are two large boulders, on one side, the boulder looks like a bull with two cows and on the other side, a bull with one cow. Both sets of boulders overlook the sea on both side, and when the weather is inclement and the wind passes through, the result is a roar that sounds like a bulls.

4. Preachers Cave

Preachers Cave is a large unique cave about 2 miles east of Gene’s Bay. Founders who landed and were sheltered here made an alter and held vigils in the cave, giving it it’s namesake.

5. Ocean Hole

Visit the world renowned natural ‘blue hole’ of the Eleuthera Island, called The Ocean Hole. People say the hole is bottomless. The inland salt water lake formed in the hole has a link to the ocean. However, till today no connection has been found. Yet, the lake is always filled with sea water and sea- life. Tourists from distant places come here just to take a bath for a few minutes in this salt water. This is because the water is warm in temperature and is rumored to have healing power. You can come, have a nice bath and feed the fishes of the lake. However, picking them is strictly prohibited.

6. Lighthouse Beach

Known for its unspoiled soft pink sand beach, this beautiful Lighthouse beach is nestled at the south most corner of Eleuthera Island. Offering ample opportunity for hikers & snorkelers, this beach is an absolute paradise for beach lovers. Though it is faced towards windward side of the island, the sea is calm enough for beginners to try their first hand swimming experience.The natural sheds created by the lined Casuarina trees, let you enjoy the sun without getting sun burnt. For more adventure, move on towards east-end side of the beach and you can see the Lighthouse Point. From this point, the blue color of the water looks more vivid with pink sand bordering the shoreline. Make sure you carry a camera to capture this magic of contrasting colors created by the Mother Nature.

7. French Leave Beach

Settled on the beautiful pink sand beach, surrounded by splendid coral reefs with crystal clear water spread in front with swaying coconut trees bordering the area is where this stunning beach resort is located. Perfectly placed in a proper spot to capture the cool tropical breeze, French Leave Beach is ideal for those who wish to enjoy solitude. No crowd on the beach, no casinos or cruise ships to create chaos, the beach in front of the resort lets you enjoy activities like swimming or walking over the soft sand in the best way.

8. Ten Bay Beach

One of the hidden gems of Eleuthera, located on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera Island is Ten Bay beach. With shallow water along the shoreline, the beach and the sea is absolutely perfect for families with kids to spend quality time. You can let your kids play in the water while you lie down on the soft sand with trees forming sheds for you.

9. Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

This beautiful 25 acre nature preserve is located on Bank Road of Governor’s Harbour. Funded by the Bahamas National Trust and funded by the Leon Levy Foundation, the Preserve is considered as a must-visit place for environmental education. Today the Preserve serves as a research center for traditional bush medicine. Walk through the boardwalk and you will come across a small waterfall. Move further and the path will take you to the Observation tower where you will come across nearly hundreds of different trees, plants and wildlife like five-finger plants and mangroves.