Tourism in Efate



Efate is the main island of Vanuatu. Efate Island is the location of Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila and is the primary location for the majority of commerce and tourism activities take place.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Efate for ideal weather are June to September based on average temperature and humidity.

Top Places to Visit in Efate

Havannah Harbour on the north side is a spectacular natural haven. It is also the site of some extraordinary archaeological digs and gruesome discoveries. There are numerous types of accommodation scattered around Efate Island including many newly built and beautiful resorts.

The island has a rugged coastline and rolling verdant countryside, fast flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, isolated sandy bays and lagoons. The interior is verdant rain forest cut only by a few walking tracks to remote weather and radio beacons.

At North Efate, after Undine Bay, not to be missed is Kakula Island, a tiny island with white sandy beaches, and Nguna which used to be famous for its volcano. Along the eastern coast, there are a number of pretty beaches one after the other, including Epule, landing stage for boat trips up the river, with traditional dancing for entertainment and a Melanesian feast – with Eton beach a bit further along.


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