Tourism in Dukhan



Dukhan is a city in the western municipality of Al Rayyan in the State of Qatar. It is approximately 60 kilometres west of the capital, Doha. Dukhan is mainly famous for its beaches.If you planning for an outing in Qatar this one of the right place to choose. Either family or friends u will have great time in dukhan.

Best Time to Visit

The best months to visit Dukhan are November to early April. Such climatic conditions allow sightseeing and outdoor activities across the country and these are considered as peak-tourist season in Qatar.

Top Places to Visit in Dukhan

1. Beaches

Just about the only thing worth seeing in the city, popular with swimmers and surfers alike. Although the Dukhan Water Sports Club is closed to non-QP guests, the beaches directly north and south of it are open to the general public. The beaches are sandy but swimmers should beware of sharp rocks under the water. 200m off of the southern beach is a rocky reef which is good for snorkeling. Many locals also visit the beach for a picnic with their families.

2. Dukhan Masjid

The mosque of the city with a large minaret.

3. Zekreet

This is an ancient village with historic ties to Bahrain, set in a rugged landscape. On the small hill by the village are prehistoric graves cut from the bedrock, and on surrounding hilltops the remains of burial mounds from the Dilmun culture can be seen. Toward the beach are the excavated foundations of an 18th-century fort, as well as the remains of ‘madabes’, small buildings used for making ‘debis’, a traditional date-based food. The shallow inlet here is popular with kite surfers.

4. Film City

Ras Abruq Peninsula (rough dirt track 10 km north of Zekrit). A large building once used as the film set for a Qatar TV series. A small ‘village’ is located 1 km to the north. The entire peninsula has now been classified as a nature reserve, and you may see ostriches, gazelle, and foxes. Fossilized seaweed and shells can be found on some of the rocky outcrops. Free, but a tip for the resident caretaker is advised.

5. Dolphin Reef

An 18m-deep artificial diving area known to attract dolphins. To visit, you will need your own boat or you can join a guided dive organized by a local dive group.



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