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Bogota is the capital of Colombia, one of the urban highlights of Latin America. A far-reaching clean-up campaign, government infrastructure projects and improved security have made-over the metropolis, making it a growing travel destination for visitors seeking a thriving nightlife, cultural events, graceful churches, outstanding museums and more. The capital is more than just the financial, political and service center of Colombia; it is also the cultural heart and a city of great contrasts.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Colombia are from December to February and Semana Santa (Easter Week), the week before Easter.

Top Places to Visit in Bogota

1.La Candelaria neighborhood

Dive into the heart of the city by walking the cobblestone streets of the La Candelaria neighborhood. The candy-colored colonial homes are charming, as are the ambling artists that call the bohemian district home. Tiny art studios hide within seemingly abandoned buildings with nondescript facades, and the artists inside are almost always willing to have a riveting discussion with travelers about their influences, style and messages.

2. Botero Museum

The neighborhood’s most famous artist is undoubtedly Fernando Botero, the Colombian painter best known for his portraits of plump characters. His work takes center stage at the Botero Museum, featuring over 200 of his own works and nearly 100 masterpieces by international artists, including Salvador Dali.

3. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center

Just a short walk away is the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, dedicated to the master of magic realism. In addition to outlining the writer’s life and work through exhibits and artifacts, the center houses an extensive library with more than 50,000 books and 216 square meter space for exhibition area.

4. Monserrate Neighborhood

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a cable-car ride to the Monserrate neighborhood. Located in the lush mountains, the district is both an oasis and a pilgrimage site for local Catholics. A small chapel tops one of the highest peaks, offering a quite respite and stunning views of the city below. The area also shows the local’s passion for conservation, as the pristine forests are protected by the government and are a source of much pride for the people of Bogotá.

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