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Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and one of Africa’s most exuberant city.A city with a history of religious and ethnic clashes. Wide, leafy roads divided the city into four distinct districts, marked by sprawling apartment buildings, government institutions and high office towers. A relatively new capital, the city is still being built, providing an exciting and always-changing environment for travelers.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Nigeria then best time to visit is in the winter months of November to February. One of the best times to visit Abuja is during November, when the capital hosts its annual carnival. The festival is an opportunity for local groups, including women and youth, to exercise their creativity through music, theater and dance performances.

Top Places to Visit in Abuja

1. Aso Rock

Aso Rock is a dominant feature of the Abuja landscape, and the ancient 400-meter tall monolith is the city’s biggest tourist draw. Caused by water erosion, the monolith looms behind some of the capital’s most attractive government buildings. The green-domed National Assembly Building, home to the Senate and House of Representatives, sits near the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the country’s highest court. The trifecta at Aso Rock is completed with the Nigerian Presidential Complex, known simply as “the villa” by locals.

2. Millennium Park

The city’s largest public green space. In 2003, the space was inaugurated by the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II. Located in the Maitama district, the park is halved by a river. One side is dedicated to untouched nature, and a terrace system is planted with some of Nigeria’s natural vegetation representing the rainforest, savanna, mountains, deciduous forest and brushwood. Extensive greenhouses in the park are filled with tropical birds and butterflies from around the country.

3. National Mosque

Built in 1984 and open to the public with the exception of congregational prayer times. The gold-domed mosque features four towering minarets, a lush courtyard and an extensive library of Islamic reading materials.

4. Gurara Falls

This is one of the best waterfall near Abuja in Gurara. The waterfalls is approximately 30 metres in height and it lies on the Gurara river along the Suleja-Minna Road. One of the major tourist sites in Nigeria.

5. Jabi Lake

Jabi lake is a natural body of water in the Jabi district of Abuja, It is about ten minutes drive from the city centre. There is a recreational park beside the lake called the Jabi Park. There is also a shopping mall beside the Lake – Jabi Lake Mall which houses Shoprite and others.

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