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Never before has there been such a large choice of airlines, fares and flight routes to choose from. For the cost of a train ticket you can find yourself on a plane heading to a popular European destination, but tracking down the very best deals can prove a little difficult, when faced with so much choice. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you find the best value for money from your flight booking:

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Compare Prices

In theory this is a great way in which to find the cheapest fares for your trip. Unfortunately price comparison websites aren’t always right up to date and they don’t necessarily show all of the airlines offering fares to your chosen destination. The best way to check which airline flies to the destination of your choice is to use a site like which will list every airline that flies there. Armed with that information you can ensure you obtain prices for all of the airlines as quickly as possible. Most price comparison websites will direct you to the airline’s own website to book so it may be worth saving time and booking direct once you establish who the best deal is with.

New Airlines

Take advantage of fares offered by new low cost airlines. Companies such as Norwegian, offer brand new state of the art aircraft, WIFI onboard all their flights and a great low fare calendar to ensure you get the best deals for you.

Flying at Unsociable Hours

Flights that aren’t at attractive times, such as those in the early hours of the morning, are often cheaper. For flights from Heathrow, you can enjoy the savings you’ve made by booking an early morning flight, and ensure you get there relaxed and ready to travel by staying in Heathrow airport itself. You get to spend an evening in a comfortable hotel room right by the airport and not have to worry about the extra costs because there are such great value for money deals available. This also applies to flights outside of the school holidays and midweek flights. Whenever everyone else wants to fly it will be more expensive. So take advantage of off peak travel and the savings it will inevitably bring.

Book in Advance

By booking when fares are published, or as far in advance as possible, you get the pick of the best fares available. You can register on airline websites to be notified of the date at which fares for a particular date in the future become available.

Don’t Pack a Case

Instead of lugging a huge over stuffed suitcase with you, why not travel light? With hold luggage costing from around £30 each way, the price of taking a suitcase on holiday with you can soon add up. If travelling as a couple try to combine luggage in one case or simply make use of your cabin baggage allowance. Some airlines offer more in terms of allowance than others and if you often travel light or aren’t away for long it’s worth saving the money. Perhaps you could treat yourself while you’re away using the money you’ve saved.

Combine those tips and remember to book using the most cost effective method for you, often debit card is the best way to avoid additional charges. You’ll be shaving money off the cost of your airfares – and have more to spend on your well-deserved break!

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