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Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve contains original and diverse species of the most remarkable animal and plant populations, not only in West Africa, but also in the entire African continent; notably threatened species. Its slopes are covered by dense forest at the foot of grassy mountain pastures. They harbour an especially rich flora and fauna, with endemic species such as the viviparous toad and chimpanzees that use stones as tools. In 1981, listed in UNESCO World Heritage list.


Located on the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire, Mount Nimba rises above the surrounding Savannah.

About Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

  • The Mountain is about the highest point in West Africa rising to an altitude of 1752m. Endemic or near-endemic flora and fauna surround it.
  • The Liberian side, which is left out by the UNESCO from the mountain’s status as a World Heritage Site, contains some of the world’s highest-grade iron ore. Tourists on this site will see wildlife including chimpanzees and other wild animals of Africa.
  • It harbours an especially rich flora and fauna, and it is the home of more than 2000 vascular plant species, 317 vertebrate species, 107 of which are mammals, and to more than 2,500 invertebrate species.
  • Its unique geographical and climatic location combined with its bio-geographical background provides the Nimba chain with one of the most remarkable diversities of the whole West African region.
  • It is also one of the only sites of the Gulf of Guinea with a strong endemism potential. The wide range of habitats in the Reserve with its numerous niches.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Guinea is during the cool, dry period between November and February.

About Guinea

Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, in the southeast. The reserve protects a forested mountain range rich in native plants and animals, including chimpanzees and the viviparous toad. On the coast, the capital city, Conakry, is home to the modern Grand Mosque and the National Museum, with its regional artifacts.

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