Majlis al Jinn Cave Chamber, Oman



Majlis al Jinn is the second largest cave chamber in the world by surface area.The only way to get in is through one of three tiny openings at the top, all of which have been formed over time as the accumulation of rainwater dissolved the limestone covering. Here we exploring this hidden destination in Oman for extreme adventure lover…


This cave chamber, located 60 miles from Muscat, was discovered by Americans Don Davidson Jr. and his wife Cheryl Jones in 1983. They noticed the strange holes in the ground on aerial photographs, and eventually made the journey out via helicopter. When they looked down into the small openings, they saw the sandy floor below – over 500 feet down. Just days later, they rappelled down for the first time. Now accessible by four wheel drive automobiles, this cave room has become a hot spot for abseilers and BASE jumpers. A small hole at the top sheds a beam of light into the vast base. If you are seeking an adventurous place in Oman then this place will worth to visit.

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