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Paleriders – Cambodia is a family operated tour business based in Kampong Thom Province. The company is run by Owen Holcombe, an Australian, and his wife Sreyda who is Cambodian. Tour sizes are kept small and can be quite flexible, so it’s more like a group of friends travelling together than an organized tour. Prices are inclusive of accommodation, meals, motorbike hire, support vehicle, fuel and entry fees and 10% of the tour proceeds are donated to worthy causes along the way.


The standard ten day tour takes in cultural, historical and natural sites along the Mekong River before heading to the mountains on the Thai border where an ancient temple is perched 500 meters above the Cambodian forest. Highlights are visiting a Khmer Rouge stronghold where they evaded capture after their defeat by the Vietnamese, a river where the stones on the bottom are covered in ancient Hindu carvings, and finally the awe inspiring temples of Angkor. Along the way visit schools, orphanages, temples, and experience rare wildlife close up. Travelling on small, easy to ride motorbikes or in an air conditioned minibus the pace is relaxed and there’s plenty of time to stop and take photos or meet the locals.

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Away from the cities and highways, Cambodia is caught in a time warp. Consequently there are some very special and unique photo opportunities. Longer or shorter tours can be organized to suit the needs of the group. Small groups can also stay with Owen and Sreyda at their house in Baray, Kampong Thom and engage in volunteer projects in the surrounding villages. Paleriders – Cambodia has been responsible for construction of new schools and classrooms throughout the district and strongly encourages people to become involved in these projects. Cost for the standard tour is $200 USD per day for single accommodation; discounts apply for couples and larger groups.

Owen Holcombe | www.paleriders.com.au | Tel: +856 20 22230787 | Email: owen@paleriders.com.au

Address: National Road 6, Samrong Village, Baray District, Kampong Thom Province, Kingdom of Cambodia.

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