Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival In Australia



The Laura Festival is a gathering of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, held every two years near the Laura River, in Far North Queensland. It is a cultural and dance festival, and aims to promote relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Festival is held biannually for three days at the end of the June as a gathering in Cape York of many different tribes.

Interesting Features of Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

  • Local communities perform their traditional music, songs and dance and have stalls displaying and selling their traditional crafts.
  • The first two Dance Festivals were held at Cooktown and Hopevale. For the last 25 years, the Dance Festival has been staged at Laura, and has come to be known nationally and internationally as the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.
  • The Dance Festival Ground at Laura is the site of a very old traditional Bora ground and is a respected and sacred site to Aboriginal people. It is nestled among some of the oldest and most spectacular rock art in the world.
  • The Festival has an international audience as witnessed by the large number of European websites pertaining to Aboriginal cultural content and the number of tourists who attended from overseas.
  • Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is a drug and alcohol free family-friendly event. There will be random car searches and security on site at all times. Get encourage for healthy eating options, no smoking and environmental awareness.

How To Get The Festival

Bring family and friends in your own car for a great getaway weekend. From Cairns traveling north, up over the Great Dividing Range, the distance to the Festival site is approximately 317kms.

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