L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site in Canada



At the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula of the island of Newfoundland, the remains of an 11th-century Viking settlement are evidence of the first European presence in North America. The excavated remains of wood-framed peat-turf buildings are similar to those found in Norse Greenland and Iceland. In the year of 1978, listed in UNESCO World Heritage list.


L’Anse aux Meadows is an archaeological site located on the northernmost tip of the island of Newfoundland in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Discovered in 1960, it is the most famous site of a Norse or Viking settlement in North America.

About L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

  • Discovered in 1960, it is the most famous site of a Norse or Viking settlement in North America.
  • Visit the interpretive centre, join a guide on a tour of the Viking ruins, and visit the longhouse to discover what life was like for the Viking encampment in 1000 AD. Let the Godi enthrall you with the Vinland Saga, help the smith forge nails for bog iron ore, and immerse yourself in the unique Norse history.
  • Today, a visit to the site can transport you back to where Vikings once stood. Perched on the tip of the Viking Trail, it’s a place where mystery still mingles with the light and washes over the strange, captivating landscape.
  • Just two kilometres down the road is Norstead, a recreated Viking port of trade. Here you can challenge yourself in a traditional Norse game. Learn to throw an axe, spin yarn, or take a pottery lesson. Take a close look at the Viking Knarr Snorri replica, a boat that was sailed here from Greenland and named for the first European child born in North America. Have your fortune told, Viking style, and learn the traditional knitting stitch.
  • After a day of Viking life, we think you’ll tend to agree: a thousand years later, this is a place where all sorts of discoveries still happen every day. Some, as small as a continent. Others, as big as your sense of adventure.

How to Get There

You’ll find L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site at the end of The Viking Trail Route 430 on the most northerly tip of the island of Newfoundland, only 51 kilometres from the St. Anthony airport.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Canada in September – October will be best. The weather is comfortable in autumn, and the changing colours of the fall foliage is spectacular. Most outdoor activities can be enjoyed and temperatures, though cooler, are still pleasant.

About Canada

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