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IFRE’s Sri Lanka volunteer program focuses on supporting local orphanages, teaching English in local schools, teaching Buddhist monks, and elephant orphanage and turtle conservation project.


In Galle, IFRE collaborates with local orphanages and children support groups aimed at offering support to displaced, abandoned and abused orphan children in Sri Lanka. Through this local project, volunteers will work directly with these children and leave a positive mark on their lives. In this volunteer project, participants spend valuable time physically living with the orphaned children as a part of their orphanage-family. These underprivileged children need love, care and attention, and the resource-poor orphanage centers need to be rescued by the willing, helping hands of volunteers as well. There are no specific qualifications needed to join the volunteer orphanage project in Sri Lanka. All volunteers are expected to be flexible and patient, as well as possess a passion and love for children. Experience working with children is considered a plus. Orphanage volunteers teach English (3-4 hours a day) in the orphanage or local school (where the children attend during the day). Volunteers offer daily life-skill support with physical and dental hygiene and dressing for school/life. Evenings are a chance for volunteers to show off their creativity by organizing games, drawing, singing, dancing and other creative educational and extra-curricular activities. Volunteers also help children with their homework and help monitor their academic progress.


IFRE’s teaching Buddhist monks project is coordinated by a local grassroots-partner organization wishing to encourage and nurture the intellect and self-reliance of the neediest, most humble monks in Sri Lanka. This project allows volunteers who teach Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka to be part of the centuries-old and traditionally rich culture that captivate and intrigue many Western imaginations. The Sri Lankan government declared 2009 as the ‘Year of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and English’ and thus increased the need for volunteers to teach English to aspiring, knowledge-hungry monks and nuns. The Piriven have very limited resources and are greatly understaffed. There are no specific qualifications needed to join the teaching Buddhist Monks program in Sri Lanka. However, it is important to note that monks are highly respected social figures in Sri Lanka. Monks follow strict and exemplary life rules, and only volunteers with serious discipline can the project. Separate temples/schools exist for male and female monks and volunteers will only teach their specific gender. Volunteers in this amazingly unique project teach monks and nuns ranging from 8-21 years of age. Volunteers may assist with various extra-curricular activities, which could include sports, arts, music, etc. Teaching English at a Piriven to these eager, young monks will provide volunteers with an extraordinary opportunity to immerse in the ever fascinating and enlightening Buddhist culture, teachings and philosophies.


English language is one of the basic requirements today. But, owing to the dreadful poverty and illiteracy among parents, Sri Lankan children don’t get to go to schools for quality education. IFRE inspires to address this issue and help those deprived children get quality education with proper English language trainings. Our projects are based in rural Sri Lanka where understaffed schools are struggling to provide quality education. Volunteers will take English language classes in those schools. You’ll also hold debates and discussions while teaching according to the official curriculum.There are no specific qualifications needed to join the teaching English volunteer program in Sri Lanka. However, we expect determined volunteers who are willing to help the needy and are ready to work hard. Volunteers should also be warm and caring towards children. Good Skills in teaching English is a must! Volunteers in this project teach young children in rural schools. The children may range from 8-21 years. You’ll be taking English classes and train students on both spoken as well as written English. You’ll also be assisting various extra-curricular activities like sports, arts, music, etc. Volunteers might as well help the school administration. Many past volunteers have found this particular volunteer project memorable and engaging.

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