Ghanta Ghar Circle – Saharanpur, India



The close view of Ghanta Ghar Circle – Saharanpur, India. You can see near Hanuman Temple too.

About Saharanpur

Saharanpur is a famous district of state Uttar Pradesh in Northern India.  It is a famous business city and an important regional center for the wholesale and retail trades, mainly in grain, timber and textiles.

Places to Visit in Saharanpur

Company Garden:It is the botanical garden in Saharanpur which was created by the preserve of the East India Company by the British. Commonly known as the Company garden is maintained today by the state authorities. This view point in Saharanpur is the oldest one existing in India date back to almost 1750’s. The garden was earlier named as Farahat-Bakhsh. Today, a beautiful garden is planted with exotic tree varieties and plants that attract the visitors at first sight.Worth to visit in Saharanpur.

Shakumbhari Devi Temple: This temple is one of the most famous temple in the state Uttar Pradesh and other neighbouring states. Shakumbhari Devi Temple is an ancient shrine that is visited by millions of pilgrims round the year. At the time of Navratra festival number of devotees increases ten times than of normal days to pay their homage in the temple. Temple is bautifully architectured and spread in wast area. From 1 kilometer of Shakumbhari Devi temple there is also Bhura Dev temple called guard of Maa Shakumbhari, and it is mandatory to visit there to complete the journey according to the rituals.

Gandhi Park: Gandhi Park in Saharanpur is a park where there circus held and a lot of companies pitch in for the same and that is what Gandhi Park is well-known for. People love to roaming in the park in the morning and in evening.

Naugaja Peer: A famous pilgrim centre is located in Saharanpur where both Hindus and Muslims visit. The most notable feature of this religious spot is that, a ‘mazaar’ (shrine) which appears to be of a different size each time when it is measured. Million of devotees come round a year here to pay their homage.

Baba Laldas: A hut (now a days a temple) constructed in the honour of Baba Shri Lal Das who is believed to have executed his ‘tapasya’ in Saharanpur during the Mughal’s period, as an outcome of which, Dara Shikoh, the Mughal ruler had to concede to Baba’s stand regarding the greatness of Indian culture.

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