Fun in the Sun in Turkey



Beach, aerial, Black Sea coast of Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re looking for a beach holiday destination with its fair share of great beaches, family-friendly hotels and lashings of culture, one holiday hotspot springs to mind: Turkey.

This fabulous corner of the world is a classic east-meets-west destination and offers plenty of holiday fun for all ages. Stretching along the Mediterranean coast are many well-equipped resorts, ranging from loud and lively affairs such as Marmaris and Gumbet, where night owls and clubbers will be in seventh heaven, and laid-back family-friendly resorts like Side and Olu Deniz.

Another reason Turkey appeals to holidaymakers is its cost of living. Having not yet joined the Euro, Turkey has its own currency – Lira – which generally offers a more affordable holiday for visiting sun-seekers. This is great news for anyone who fancies a fun and activity-packed holiday without going overboard on price, and means that families can also enjoy a memorable break that won’t break the bank!

One of the best ways to visit Turkey with the family is via a tour operator. Take the Co-Operative Travel, for instance. As well as offering fuss-free packaged holidays, you can find plenty of cheap holidays with The Co-Operative Travel departing throughout the summer months, as well as out-of-season departures in April and October. This is a great time to visit – not only is it quieter and commonly cheaper to holiday in Turkey outside of the peak summer season, the temperatures are more bearable too – perfect if you’re planning to get out and about or if you’re holidaying with the little ones.

With its glorious sandy beaches, well-equipped resorts and plentiful supply of affordable package holidays, Turkey is a prime destination for some much-needed fun in the sun! When will you come and discover this glorious corner of the Mediterranean?

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