Explore 5 Hidden Places in Costa Rica



Costa Rica is a famous tourist country of Central America. Millions of visitors come here to enjoy their vacations with their beloved ones. But there are some places in Costa Rica which are still hidden or can say tourist do not visit often there on their trip and we are exploring the five secret places of Cost Rica which you will love to visit:


Bahia de los Piratas: This lengthy stretch of rose-colored sand and rocks used to be a hiding spot for pirates, hence the name. Ensconced in dry forest, the beach still has a clandestine feel and just one lonely hotel. Activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. It’s also possible to horseback ride to this secluded beach for the day. You love to visit there and surfing on beach will give you extra joy.

Piscina de los Pobres: Eight miles from La Fortuna, right next door to the mega- resort Tabacon, two thermal rivers merge and create the free natural hot springs known to locals as the Piscina de los Pobres or Pool of the Poor. Not many tourists are aware of this place, which is marked only by a yellow gate and requires a bit of hiking. The current here is strong, so wear water shoes and recommended to leave young kids at the hotel.

Cabuya Island: At the very end of the Nicoya Peninsula, this tiny island that doubles as a cemetery can be reached only at low tide, and according to local legend, it’s haunted by ghosts (don’t get scared). At night, people occasionally take candlelit walks on the island for funerals, casting an eerie glow over the water. On the whole, it can say that if you are adventure lover or love to visit some unusual place then this place is for you.

Playa Zancudo: An enormous but virtually unknown beach stretches for 6 miles on the shores of the Golfo Dulce in southern Costa Rica, dotted with coconut palms and almond trees and adjacent to a mangrove lagoon. Wildlife abounds, as do tiny, relaxing accommodations. The only other humans you encounter will be hotel staff, local fishermen, and a handful of lucky travelers.

Barra Honda: Costa Rica isn’t well known for its caves, but it have some great ones, and they’re all in Barra Honda National Park. Although just one of the 42 known caves is accessible to the public, the area is an ideal stopping point if you’re driving from San José to Guanacaste. Beneath a majestic dry forest, the deep limestone cavern features stalactites and stalagmites. Around the caves, cacti are everywhere. Monkeys and bats, too. It’s really adventurous to visit there.

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