Discover the Secret Beauties of Armenia



Modern Armenia still holds a lot of unexplored secrets.Here we discovered only some of the stunning hidden spots across the country – but we are sure there are many more to explore. After knowing about these hidden places in Armenia, you definitely plan your trip to these places…


Karahunge, or Armenian Stonehenge

Undiscovered for centuries, even today the site with 204 stones is mostly neglected by tourists. Its scientific significance though cannot be undermined enough: current dating suggests Karahunge might predate the world-famous Stonehenge, being the world’s oldest astronomical observatory.

Small Settlement of Goris

Unknown to foreign tourists small settlement of Goris boasts quite a few architectural wonders, from forts to towers and pyramids. Best of all – the mysterious rock forest around the settlement. Rocky hurdles with sharp peaks rise into the sky from green forest basin. Somewhere in between hide the small local houses.


Khndzoresk, old cave village, lies close to Goris. Even today you can surprisingly find some of the medieval cave dwellings being inhabited. This one – home of the local artist.


Many of the monasteries and houses in the region are abandoned today. Hidden in the lush greenery of Vorotan valley they quietly hold the secrets of previous owners, providing endless opportunities to wander and explore. Geghard Monastery, entirely dug out of the cliff rocks, carry you to the world of mysterious past. Getting lost in the maze of caves, rooms and chapels might be the most rewarding experience in Armenia – for moments it feels like you have been transported to a different, surreal, realm.


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