Dinosaur Provincial Park – UNESCO Heritage in Canada



Dinosaur Provincial Park contains some of the most important fossil specimens discovered from the “Age of Dinosaurs” period of Earth’s history. The property is unmatched in terms of the number and variety of high quality specimens which, to date, represent more than 44 species, 34 genera and 10 families of dinosaurs, dating back 75-77 million years. In 1979, listed in UNESCO Heritage list.


Located at the heart of the province of Alberta’s badlands in Canada.

About Dinosaur Provincial Park

1. Dinosaur Provincial Park is an outstanding example of major geological processes and fluvial erosion patterns in semi-arid steppes. These badlands stretch along 26 kilometers of high quality and virtually undisturbed riparian habitat, presenting a landscape of stark but exceptional natural beauty. The park contains exceptional riparian habitat features as well as badlands of outstanding aesthetic value.

2. The property is outstanding in the number and variety of high quality specimens representing every known group of Cretaceous dinosaurs. The diversity affords excellent opportunities for paleontology that is both comparative and chronological. Over 350 articulated specimens from the Oldman and Dinosaur Park formations including more than 150 complete skeletons now reside in more than 30 major museums.

3. In addition to the significant number of high quality specimens, the property contains a complete assemblage of non-dinosaurian fossil material offering an unparalleled opportunity for the study of the Late Cretaceous paleo-ecosystem.

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning a Travel to Canada then visit in September – October. The weather is comfortable in autumn, and the changing colours of the fall foliage is spectacular.


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