Brand Partnership

Become Our Brand Partner :

We are inviting global companies to become our brand partner. We will be promoting your brand along with Exploring Tourism brand on 100+ sites & social media network. The benefits are as below :

  1. We will only select maximum 5-7 companies to become our brand partner at a time.
  2. We will display your company logo on 100+ Exploring Tourism Network websites, our network websites will increase to 125+ in 2018.
  3. Your company logo will be placed in footer of each website and will be link to your website.
  4. Our network expect to receive 1 million visitors in 2018 and approx 3+ million views.
  5. We will also display your logo on our monthly newsletter and link to your website. Our newsletter delivers to 200,000 B2B database every month with 10-15% opening rate.
  6. We will share your brand post on our social network once a month. So far our social media is connected with 150,000+ target community and keep increasing.
  7. The brand partnership contract will be valid for 1 year.

How to Apply :

Send us your request at