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Tourists mainly visit to Cuba for the white-sand northern exotic beaches and beautiful islands of here or the crumbling charms of Havana and Trinidad but there is one destination Baracoa which is not often visit but will give you best charm on your Cuba’s visit. You can climb mountains, swim in cool rivers, bathe on beaches, explore the hill of chocolate and coconut trees.

Columbus was the first westerner arrived here in 1492. This coastal corner of Cuba consisting 29 rivers. The hills of here are planted with variety of flora like royal palms, chocolate trees and coffee bushes, and the wildlife of here include the planet’s smallest bird, bat and frog. These make the Baracoa best place to visit in Cuba for nature and peace lovers. Those who venture to this remote northeastern corner of the island will discover an almost unspoiled colonial village surrounded by secluded beaches and virgin rainforest.

Baracoa offers:

Cuchillas del Toa: Located farther inland one can find the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve known as Cuchillas del Toa (The Ridges of river Toa). It is one of the world’s last untouched rainforests and it contains large number of endangered plant and animal species. Among these species is the Cuban land snail, about two inches in diameter with striking spirals of colour.

Trekking and Hiking in Baracoa: It is advisable to hire a guide for trekking or hiking excursions in this reserve. Official government guides can be found at the Office of Natural Parks. However, local people are happy to act as guides and are often more affordable and entertaining. This common practice is technically illegal, so some discretion is advised, such as not handing over bills in public.

Beaches of Baracoa: North-west of town lie the tranquil beaches Playa Maguana and Playa Nibujón. Playa Maguana is the tourist beach, featuring restaurant and bar service, while the Playa Nibujón is more rustic and frequented by the locals.

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