Baby Jumping Festival in Spain



Spain begins to corner the European market for bizarre festivals with this gem. Grown men dress up in red and yellow costumes and leap over babies. The little-known ritual has taken place in the equally obscure province of Castilla y León in northwest Spain since 1620. The idea behind El Colacho is that the jumpers, with their devil costumes, whips and truncheons, are personifications of diabolical evil. When they leap, evil follows them and the babies’ souls are cleansed. Held annually in the month of June.

Interesting Features of Baby Jumping Festival

  • Only tykes born in the previous 12 months can benefit from this spiritual vacuum cleaning service; a measure, perhaps, to curb the queue of local newborns keen to lie on a mattress while a crowd watches the devil incarnate use them as a hurdle.
  • It’s not only the little ones who get the Spanish Inquisition treatment. The ceremony’s organisers, the mysterious Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva brotherhood, ensure that the whip-cracking nasties keep the adult townsfolk in check.

Note: Bring a stomach for baby exorcism and a thick pair of trousers lest you feel the sting of a whip.

If you are planning a Travel to Spain then you can be a audience of this different type of Festival. Don’t be afraid, all participated babies remain completely safe.

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