10 Hidden Gems of Canada – You Will Love to Visit



Canada is full of Natural beauty and a popular country among tourists. Million of people come round a year to see the beauty of here and enjoy various adventurous and tour activities but beside that this country have some destinations which are generally not include in tour packages and people remain unaware from them. Here we are exploring top 10 hidden destinations or can say hidden gems of Canada which you love to visit when you know about these destinations:

Haida Gwaii, BC:

If you love adventure and thrill then this place is for you. Hiking, biking, caving, zip-lining, wildlife viewing, sailing, fishing and surfing are just some of the activities offered in the archipelago previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. Now you think that what so special about this? The answer you will get when you reach this place with of natural beauty and relaxing environment. Some art galleries are also there.

Parkland Region, Manitoba:

The Parkland Region is home to several lakes, rivers, woodlands and the highest mountain in Manitoba, making it a prime destination for lovers of the great outdoors. With its farming communities and historic sites, it also caters to foodies and history buffs.

Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan:

The vast dune fields along the southern shore of Lake Athabasca are among the most northerly in the world and are home to several species that you won’t find anywhere else. The only way to get here is by float plane. This place is only for those who wants thrill in their trip.

Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut:

Adventure with natural beauty! Here it is…This park offers some fantastic hiking, skiing and dog sledding opportunities but visitors looking for a real adrenalin rush climb the granite peaks instead. The two most famous mountains in the park are Mount Asgard and Mount Thor, which has the greatest vertical drop on the planet.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta:

Dinosaur Provincial Park has a landscape that would be perfectly at home in a cowboy flick. The park also boasts extensive fossil deposits and you can dig for dinosaur bones too.

Sable Island National Park Reserve, Nova Scotia:

Can you ever imagine that there is place on earth where the population of people is only 5, you never but here you will found a permanent population of five people and some 400 wild horses. Add some seals, large bird colonies and around 350 shipwrecks. If you love photography then this place will be a paradise for you.

Manitoulin Island, Ontario:

This Island is world’s largest fresh water island. Located in Lake Huron. Enjoy the bathing there under natural water falls.

Wynyard, Saskatchewan:

Wynyard makes a good base from which to explore the Quill Lakes, a prime birdwatching destination. For birdwatching of a different kind, though, visit Wynyard in June during the town’s carnival, where the highlight is the Chicken Chariot Races.

Manawan, Quebec:

Manawan is a First Nations reserve where you can learn about Atikamekw culture, take part in various workshops, visit the Pow Wow held in August, take a trip in a traditional canoe known as a rabaska and try your hand at other outdoor pursuits like snowshoeing and fishing.

Shediac, New Brunswick:

Shediac is home to some fine swimming beaches, historical sites, great restaurants and what may or may not be the largest lobster in the world. Every July, the town also hosts a popular lobster festival.

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